Original Air Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

During this challenging time, more of us are home and are cooking more meals than ever. But not everyone has the time – or likes spending their time in the kitchen which can be a barrier to individuals getting the nutrients they need for good health, including bone health.

Whether you are cooking for just one or two or a few more – cooking once so you can eat twice is a great strategy to simplify meal prep and save time in the kitchen. Recipes like Dairy Farmers of Manitoba’s Taco Rice Skillet make enough for two or even three meals. Made with Canadian dairy, each serving contains 28 g protein and 368 mg calcium which you need to keep bones strong and healthy.

In this Cooking Demo with Registered Dietitian Nita Sharda you will learn:

– To prepare a recipe that can be made once and used for two or more meals
– Strategies on saving time in the kitchen
– Tips on switching ingredients to suit your taste and budget
– Information on calcium and protein

You will also hear as Nita answers many of your cooking and nutrition questions.

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Nita is a Registered Dietitian, a wife, an absolute foodie and founder of Carrots and Cake Balanced Nutrition Consulting. Her interest in food was sparked when she was a little girl. She would often spend time in the kitchen admiring her mother’s touch with Indian cuisine. It was the time she spent working at her family’s convenience store that eventually led her to pursuing a career in Dietetics. It was in this environment she felt comfortable offering educational opportunities to people about nutrition. She supports a balanced approach to nutrition and encourages her clients to take joy in preparing simple and tasty meals.

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Amanda Hamel is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Educator with the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba. Her primary role is to provide training and nutrition programs to Manitoba teachers so they can help kids feel comfortable around food and eating.