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SAC Orientation slide

2022 SAC Orientation Slides

The following slides were used in 2022 for orientation to the SAC consultants.

Your guide after a hip fracture

This resource will help you understand what to expect after you break your hip. It will also give you information to help with your recovery.

HQO Standards

View for a guide for patients; the guide for clinicians; an information brief demonstrating why the quality standard is needed; quality improvement tools and resources; and performance indicators to help clinicians and organizations track their progress against the standard.

UBC Fresh Start program

FReSH Start represents physiotherapists, nurses, surgeons, and patient partners to inform this manual to assist people and their families who are on the road to recovery.

Osteoporosis Custom Form

Osteoporosis Custom Form

An osteoporosis and falls assessment tool based on the guidelines, that can be integrated into the electronic medical records (EMR)

Fracture Prevention for Long Term Care Residents

2015 Quick Reference Guide

Recommendations for Fracture Prevention in Long-Term Care

GERAS long term care

Long-Term Care Video Resources

Video clips highlighting recommendations by healthcare professionals working in long-term care.

Preventing Fractures slide

2015 Recommendations Presentation

Instructive Video Presentation guiding providers through the 2015 recommendations.

CMAJ Podcasts

2015 Podcast – Recommendations For Fracture Prevention In Long-Term Care

Access the CMAJ Podcast.

LTC Fracture Prevention slide

2015 Order Set Tool For Long-Term Care Fracture Prevention

This 1 page LTC Fracture Prevention Order Set Tool is to be used for all new residents on admission.

Applying 2010 Osteoporosis Canada Guidelines

Applying the 2010 Osteoporosis Canada Guidelines

A teaching slide kit developed by doctors using the evidence based 2010 Osteoporosis Canada Guidelines.


2015 Osteoporosis Canada Recommendations For Fracture Prevention In Long-Term Care

Access the CMAJ Publication.

Bisphosphonates Slide

Bisphosphonates For Treatment Of Osteoporosis

Expected benefits, potential harms, and drug holidays. Access the publication.

MacHealth Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis: A Practical Clinical Approach

A web-based program developed to provide a central access point to recommended tools and education.

Background Materials for 2010 Clinical Practice Guidelines

Appendix 1: Background Materials For 2010 Clinical Practice Guidelines For The Diagnosis And Management Of Osteoporosis In Canada

Access the CMAJ publication.

Management Of Osteoporosis In Canada: Summary

Access the CMAJ publication.

Guidelines Executive Summary

Guidelines Executive Summary

A 2-page summary of the 2010 Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Clinical Practice Guideline Technical Report

2010 Clinical Practice Guidelines For The Diagnosis And Management Of Osteoporosis In Canada: Background And Technical Report

Access the Technical Report.

Guidelines Slide Set

Guidelines Slide Set

Guidelines - Quick Reference Guide

Guidelines – Quick Reference Guide

A quick-reference summary of the most important recommendations from the 2010 Guidelines.

Case Study Slide Set

Case Studies



Canadian Association of Radiologists and Osteoporosis Canada Risk Assessment tool.

Osteoporosis Update

Osteoporosis Update

Periodical to provide current, reliable information for general practitioners and other health professionals.

Canadian Pharmacists Journal

Canadian Pharmacists Journal: Osteoporosis In Primary Care

Volume 144, Issue sp1 (May 2011).

FRAX – Canada

Online fracture risk assessment tool (FRAX).

Optimal Oral Health

Optimal Oral Health

Recommendations for optimal oral health in patients who take bisphosphonates for osteoporosis.

Vitamin D Guideline

Vitamin D In Adult Health And Disease

A review and guideline statement from Osteoporosis Canada.

American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Logo

ONJ International Guidelines

International Guidelines on the diagnosis, prevention and management of ONJ in osteoporosis and oncology patients.

Patient Order Sets Form

Patient Order Set

Family Physician Information Form.

Patient Order Set for Fracture Management Form

Patient Order Set

Osteoporosis and Fragility Fracture Management Order Set.

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