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Many friends of Osteoporosis Canada find peace of mind knowing they have provided for a charitable organization that has enriched their lives or the lives of their family members. Legacy gifts are important sources of revenue for research and other projects, and may provide you with various tax benefits.


When you remember Osteoporosis Canada in your Will, you can feel confident that you’ve made a difference in the lives of those affected by osteoporosis. People often expect legacy giving to be a lengthy, complicated process. When you make your will with Willful, leaving a legacy gift to Osteoporosis Canada involves just a few clicks.

Wills and Estates

You can choose to remember us in your will. Call us to learn about the various forms of bequests.

Life Insurance

There are several ways to make a future gift to the organization through life insurance. You can contribute a policy you already own but no longer need, or purchase a new one as your gift.

Gift Annuities

A gift annuity provides a future gift to the organization plus guaranteed payments for life to you.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

This deferred giving arrangement permits you to transfer property – such as cash, securities, or real estate – to a trustee. You retain the right to the income from the trust and Osteoporosis Canada receives whatever remains in the trust.

Gifts of Appreciated Property

You can donate a gift of property (usually real estate or artwork), receive a donation receipt and often retain the use of the property during your lifetime.

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