Eating for Bone Health with the New Canada’s Food Guide

January 25, 2019

The new Canada’s Food Guide was released on Tuesday Jan 22nd. It is a modern approach to promoting healthy eating, making healthier eating choices easier for all Canadians. This new food guide focuses on what to eat and how to eat. It also includes updated recommendations on saturated fat, sodium, and sugars.

The food guide focuses on vegetables, fruits, proteins and whole grains. The new food guide encourages Canadians to choose plant-based proteins more often. According to the food guide, protein foods include legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu, fortified soy beverage, fish, shellfish, eggs, poultry, lean red meat including wild game, lower fat milk, lower fat yogurts, lower fat kefir, and cheeses lower in fat and sodium.

Canadians need adequate amounts of calcium, vitamin D and protein for optimal bone health. Milk products contain a high proportion of calcium per serving and are a great source of protein.  Calcium can also be found in other foods such as calcium-fortified food and drink, some vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, and legumes.  For suggestions regarding calcium containing foods, please click here.

Osteoporosis Canada continues to encourage adults who have osteoporosis or have risk factors for osteoporotic fractures, to get adequate vitamin D supplementation as it is difficult to obtain recommended levels through foods alone. Click here for more information on vitamin D.

Scientific Advisory Council

Osteoporosis Canada’s rapid response team, made up of members of the Scientific Advisory Council, creates position statements as news breaks regarding osteoporosis. The position statements are used to inform both the healthcare professional and the patient. The Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) is made up of experts in Osteoporosis and bone metabolism and is a volunteer membership.

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