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UNBREAKABLE The OC Podcast : Bone Health + Osteoporosis

UNBREAKABLE The OC Podcast from Osteoporosis Canada features evidence-based information from healthcare providers and subject matter experts, as well as personal stories from those affected by osteoporosis.

What About Supplements with Dr. Teri Charrois
Season 4, Episode 2

Our bodies need vitamins and minerals but we may not always be able to get the required amounts through our food choices. Supplements  may be required to ensure your needs are met. But can taking too much of a supplement or taking supplements for too long be harmful? On this episode Dr. Teri Charrois, pharmacist and Associate Dean of Practice Innovation and Professor of Teaching at UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences discusses what you need to know about supplements including the difference between water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins and if taking too much of a supplement can be harmful.

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