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UNBREAKABLE The OC Podcast : Bone Health + Osteoporosis

UNBREAKABLE The OC Podcast from Osteoporosis Canada features evidence-based information from healthcare providers and subject matter experts, as well as personal stories from those affected by osteoporosis.

New Osteoporosis Canada Nutrient Recommendations with Dr. Wendy Ward
Season 4, Episode 6

In October 2023, Osteoporosis Canada published the New Clinical Practice Guideline For Management Of Osteoporosis And Fracture Prevention In Canada. This guideline contains new recommendations on various areas important for bone health including nutrition featuring five nutrient recommendations: calcium, vitamin D, protein, magnesium and vitamin K. On this episode, Dr. Wendy Ward, Professor in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at Brock University, Canada Research Chair in Bone and Muscle Development and Chair of the Nutrition Guideline working group will discuss the new nutrient recommendations and how we can apply them to our daily life.

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