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UNBREAKABLE The OC Podcast : Bone Health + Osteoporosis

UNBREAKABLE The OC Podcast from Osteoporosis Canada features evidence-based information from healthcare providers and subject matter experts, as well as personal stories from those affected by osteoporosis.

Menopause and Bone Health with Dr. Nese Yuksel
Original Air Date: October 27, 2022
Season 3, Episode 2

Menopause affects at least half the population and is often not discussed openly leading to many myths and misconceptions. As a result, too many women enter menopause uninformed and unprepared. Dr. Nese Yuksel is a full Professor with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the College of Health Sciences at the University of Alberta. Additionally, she holds a cross-appointment at the Multidisciplinary Bone Health Clinic at the University of Alberta Hospital. She has been practicing in the areas of menopause and osteoporosis for over 20 years and is a NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner. In this episode, Dr. Yuksel discusses the stages of menopause, how menopause impacts women’s health including bone health, and more.

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