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What To Expect From Some Specific Types Of Fracture

The four most common sites for broken bones due to osteoporosis are the wrist, the shoulder, the hip and the spine. Bones in the spine are called vertebrae.

Wrist And Shoulder Fractures

Doctor wrapping a hand in a cast

A broken wrist or a shoulder fracture from osteoporosis may occur when someone falls with their arm outstretched to break the fall. The impact may cause the forearm bone to break near the wrist, or it can cause the upper arm bone to break near the shoulder. These types of fractures usually cause immediate and severe pain, which often results in a trip to the emergency room. X-rays are often taken to identify if and where a fracture has occurred.  In most cases, a cast, splint or sling is used to prevent the bone from moving while the break heals, but sometimes, surgery is required. Your doctor will recommend exercises or referral to a physical therapist once it is time to begin restoring movement and strength.

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