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Gradually Increasing Activity: Recovery Guidelines

Your doctor may recommend that you intersperse rest with periods of standing or walking throughout the day. You can start with even a few minutes of standing or walking at a time, performed multiple times a day. You can then gradually increase the time you spend walking. Try to avoid sitting for long periods of time, as sitting can place greater loads on your spine than standing does. When you are sitting, try to sit upright rather than slouched, with proper support for your back.

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Lie flat on your back using a small pillow or folded towel if necessary to support head so long as chin is not tucked into chest; bend both legs to about 90 degrees, feet flat; bring arms out from the body slightly, palms up. Using this position daily can help align the spine in a gentle manner and help stretch out tight muscles.

Once you get clearance from your doctor that the fracture site has healed, exercises can be started under the supervision of a physical therapist, ideally one who has undergone Bone Fit™ training.

  • The physical therapist or Bone Fit™ trained healthcare professional in your area will recommend exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your spine. Performing them while lying on your back is safest as the loads on your spine are lowest in this position. In fact, lying on your back, with a pillow to support your head if needed, is a good way to reduce the loads on your spine and promote spinal extension and stretching of the chest and shoulders.
  • Balance activities can be started after the break has healed. Changes in your posture can increase your risk of falls. To prevent falls, you can practise exercises designed to improve your balance. There are lots of different types of balance exercises; a  Bone Fit™ trained healthcare professional in your area or your physical therapist can help you choose the balance exercises that are best for you.
  • Resistance exercises can also be safely started after clearance from your doctor and under supervision, ideally with a Bone Fit™ trained specialist.
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