Yoga and Osteoporosis: Suggestions for Safe and Appropriate Practice

Original Air Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Yoga is a popular form of exercise in addition to improving strength, balance and flexibility. But for those who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, are at high risk of fracture, or have had a spine fracture, there are some poses that may increase the risk of fracture. It is important to stay active while learning about which forms of exercise are safe and yoga can be done in most spaces at home following online classes.

Dr. Caitlin McArthur discusses the following:

  • Suggestions for safe and appropriate practice for those at risk
  • What movements should be encouraged, modified or avoided
  • Principles of a safe yoga culture
  • Demonstrations of poses to be modified will be included


Caitlin McArthur


Dr. Caitlin McArthur is a registered physiotherapist and Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University in the School of Physiotherapy. She completed her PhD in the Kinesiology department at the University of Waterloo with a specialization in Aging, Health and Well-being. Dr. McArthur’s research focuses on falls, fractures and functional mobility in home and long-term care. She also has expertise in bone health, exercise and physical activity. Dr. McArthur is the recipient of several awards including a CIHR Fellowship and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Silver Quill Award.