Do you Know Your Risk?

For most Canadians, everyday staircases, sidewalks and park slopes are nothing to be feared. For the two million Canadians affected by osteoporosis, however, these seemingly harmless places are incredibly dangerous.

Today, in celebration of World Osteoporosis Day, Osteoporosis Canada will transform everyday spaces into “danger zones” to demonstrate the increased risks faced by those living with osteoporosis.

Since many Canadians don’t know whether they are at risk, Osteoporosis Canada has launched the Know Your Risk tool, a simple quiz to help identify personal risk factors and help Canadians work with their doctors to protect their bones.

The results of the assessment will help identify the factors that may put respondents at risk for breaking bones as a result of the disease and. Visit to complete the quiz, and talk to your doctor about your bone health.

You may have noticed that we have a new logo! This is the first update to our organizations rebrand. The fresh new logo is just one way we’re working to ensure we can stand out, make a strong impact, and help make Canadians unbreakable.