To make it easier for members to track their renewal dates, reduce administration costs and apply more of your donations to our critical programs, we are changing memberships so they always expire in December.

The cost for a one-year membership is $25.

A two-year membership saves you 10%, for a total of $45.

All memberships now end on December 31st

Osteoporosis Canada is here to help the almost 2 million Canadians who live with this devastating disease maintain their independence.

As a member of Osteoporosis Canada, you will receive:

  • The important privilege of voting at the National Annual General Meeting
  • A personalized membership card
  • A 10% discount on selected Osteoporosis Canada educational resources
  • A tax receipt for the amount of your membership fee; and
  • the option to join COPN (Canadian Osteoporosis Patient Network)
    When you become a Member of COPN, you join a network of people dedicated to improving the quality of life for those affected by osteoporosis. You will receive emails with the latest information on osteoporosis, new treatment options, and ways to be involved in local advocacy events, as they become available.

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