In 2008 the results of a small study were published reporting on the use of choline stabilized orthosilicic acid a form of silicon, or placebo in 184 women with low bone density. The women also received 1,000 mg of calcium in addition to vitamin D3 supplements. At 12 months 136 women had completed the study. There was wide variation in the markers of bone repair and renewal, a trend for higher markers of bone formation in the group receiving the orthosilicic acid. There was no significant change in the bone density at 12 months between the placebo group and the orthosilicic acid group.

There may be a potential benefit with this compound and it may warrant further research. However, at this time the research data available is extremely limited and has not confirmed that this product is of value in improving bone health and reducing the risk of fracture. Individuals with osteoporosis or low bone density should consult their physician regarding the best treatment options for them.

Osteoporosis Canada’s rapid response team, made up of members of the Scientific Advisory Council, creates position statements as news breaks regarding osteoporosis. The position statements are used to inform both the healthcare professional and the patient. The Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) is made up of experts in Osteoporosis and bone metabolism and is a volunteer membership.