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Having the right kind of snacks on hand can help keep you satisfied in-between meals, get the bone-building nutrients like calcium and protein needed and can provide you with a quick meal at home or on the go!

Emily Richards, PHEc prepares three easy-to-make recipes that are perfect to have on hand when you need a snack or light meal.

– Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with 50g calcium and 6g protein per ¼ cup

– Roasted Chickpeas with 30g calcium and 5g protein per ¼ cup

– Ricotta and Yogurt Labneh with 150 mg calcium and 9g protein per ¼ cup

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Roasted Veggie Cobbler

Greek yogurt is a great ingredient you can use in everyday cooking. Oikos Greek yogurt has calcium and protein and is delicious to eat on its own but can also be used in recipes like this one. Emily Richards, PHEc hosts a cooking demo where she will show you how you can use Oikos Greek yogurt in a Roasted Veggie Cobbler. This veggie filled casserole has 250mg calcium and 19g of protein per serving.

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Spiced Lentil Shakshuka with Parmesan Baguette

Emily Richards, Professional Home Economist shows you how to make Spiced Lentil Shakshuka with Parmesan Baguette. This is a dish you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner made with everyday ingredients. Flavourful and filling, this vegetarian meal features poached eggs and lentils – a good source of protein. The crusty baguette is the perfect accompaniment to sop up the tasty sauce. Each serving has 300mg calcium and 38g protein.

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Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi with Bruschetta Sauce

Emily Richards, Professional Home Economist shows you how to make Spinach Ri-cotta Gnocchi with Bruschetta Sauce. Putting aside some time to make homemade gnocchi and freezing them is a great way to have ingredients on hand to whip up meals in a matter of minutes and making homemade gnocchi is easier than you think, affordable and doesn’t require any special equipment. This delicious dish, which is vegetarian, is an Italian favourite with a simple sauce that becomes creamy with the addition of cheese and cooking water – a cooking secret every cook should know! Each serving has 250mg calcium and 20g protein.

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Arugula and Roasted Red Pepper Meatball Pasta

This is a great one-dish recipe that comes together quickly especially for a weeknight meal. Emily Richards, PHEc demonstrates how to make this pasta dish which is no ordinary dish – the penne with white sauce and meatballs are complimented by the peppery arugula and sweet roasted red peppers. The beefy meatballs are a snap to make by dropping and browning them in the pan – there’s no time-consuming shaping required! Each serving has 450mg calcium and 46g protein.

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Tuscan White Bean Lasagna

For those that choose a plant-based diet there can be a lot to learn about the types of foods that you need to consume to ensure you get the nutrients needed for bone health. Silk® Protein Unsweetened Original Almond & Cashew Beverage is a source of calcium and protein and is delicious on its own but can also be used in recipes like this one.

Our cooking demo in January features the recipe for Tuscan White Bean Lasagna and Emily Richards, PHEc will show you how to use Silk® Protein Unsweetened Original Almond & Cashew Beverage in this vegan, savoury and satisfying dish. Each serving has 300 mg calcium and 17g protein.

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Surf & Turf Rolled Roast Beef With Horseradish Herb Sauce

Some days call for something a little different to celebrate a special occasion or to enjoy on a weekend with family or friends. This shrimp stuffed beef roast is Surf & Turf all rolled up in one! Watch Emily Richards, PHEc show you how to make this simple, yet impressive dish. You can serve it with mashed potatoes or your favourite side to sop up the flavourful sauce and roast juices. Each serving has 175mg calcium and 57g protein per serving.

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Protein & Bone Health

Protein is an important nutrient for bone health and in the prevention and management of osteoporosis. It gives bone its strength and flexibility and is also the big component of muscles, which are crucial for mobility and in preventing falls.

Watch the OC Replay of Protein and Bone Health and learn about the role of protein, how it improves bone health and more.



Healthy Bones. Healthy Life. Cookbook

Healthy Bones. Healthy Life. is a free bone-smart booklet with recipes and tips from ThinkBeef.ca in partnership with Osteoporosis Canada. Did you know you need protein, in addition to calcium and vitamin D, to keep your bones strong and healthy?







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Salmon Noodle Casserole

Emily Richards, Professional Home Economist shows you how to make Salmon Noodle Casserole – a classic recipe with an update! A great recipe using pantry staples including canned salmon with the bones which is a source of calcium. Every day ingredients come together easily to provide a delicious and budget friendly meal with 400mg calcium and 23g of protein per serving.

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