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2022 Royal Tour

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2022 Royal Tour

Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall toured Canada from May 17 to 19, 2022 which included a special evening reception at Rideau Hall, hosted by the Governor General of Canada, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary Simon.

This reception was to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee and bring together Canadians from various backgrounds who, like Her Majesty, have dedicated their lives to serving their communities.

In attendance were Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and representatives from Osteoporosis Canada – Dr. Famida Jiwa, President and CEO and Jeannette Briggs, Chair, Board of Directors.

During the reception, Dr. Jiwa and Ms. Briggs had the honour of meeting and speaking with Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall about Osteoporosis Canada’s work to serve, support and advocate for Canadians on bone health and osteoporosis.

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall is the President of the Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS), formerly known as the National Osteoporosis Society in the U.K.  As President of the ROS, she continues to champion osteoporosis and the work of the charity. It was another important meeting for representatives of Osteoporosis Canada as the organization continues to make an impact across the country and continues to work globally with other Osteoporosis organizations.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with Dr. Famida Jiwa and Jeannette Briggs

Dr. Famida Jiwa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ms. Jeannette Briggs

Dr. Famida Jiwa and Jeannette Briggs speaking with Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall

Dr. Famida Jiwa, Ms. Jeannette Briggs
with Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall


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The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is Back!

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Great Canadian Giving Challenge

You could win $20,000 for Osteoporosis Canada!

From June 1 – 30, every $1 donated to Osteoporosis Canada through CanadaHelps.org gives us a chance to win $20,000*.


  1. Make a donation anytime from June 1, 2022 at midnight NDT to June 30, 2022 at 11:59:59 pm PDT.
  2. To be eligible donations must be made via CanadaHelps.org and a minimum $3 donation is required.

Your donation will help provide more programs, support services and tools and resources to educate people in communities like yours across the country on bone health and in the risk-reduction and management of osteoporosis. Every dollar is an entry for us to win $20,000!

Together, we will make Canadians unbreakable.

Give today

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*Donations must be made via canadahelps.org. Minimum $3 donation required. Contest runs from June 1, 2022 at midnight Newfoundland Daylight Time (NDT) to June 30, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).


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You are invited to participate in a Government of Canada Public Opinion Research Project on Accessibility

The Accessible Canada Directorate within Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has engaged Quorus Consulting Group to conduct the second cycle of public opinion research measuring Canadians’ awareness and experience(s) with accessibility and disability issues. The results of the survey will be used to help shape future federal accessibility policy.

Our organization has been asked to invite members of our network to participate in the portion of the study targeting Canadians with disabilities, with the understanding that everyone benefits when we are able to fully participate in our communities and workplaces because they are physically, socially and attitudinally accessible and inclusive.

This portion of the study is open to all Canadian citizens at least 18 years of age and who are currently living with a disability.

The survey should take about 15 minutes of your time, depending on how much feedback you want to provide. Your decision to participate is up to you and will not affect your relationship with the Government of Canada or the services they provide you in any way. The information you provide will be managed according to the requirements of the Privacy Act. The final report on the survey will be available to the public through Library and Archives Canada, and shared with the disability community.

Quorus will be accepting survey submissions from April 6th to 30th, 2022. There are many ways you can participate in the survey:

  • You can complete the fully accessible online version of the survey by clicking on the following link: https://ca1se.voxco.com/S2/85/W1530/?&lang=en/
  • You can schedule a telephone interview by calling the following toll-free number: 1-833-739-1983. You will be prompted to leave a message describing when you would like to be called by an interviewer.
  • You can use your VRS, IP relay or TTY service to call the toll-free number: 1-833-739-1983 to schedule a telephone interview. When you are prompted to leave a message, please include your VRS, IP relay or TTY contact number, preferred language and time you would like to be called by an interviewer.
  • You can also email discussions@quorusconsulting.com to request a VRS, IP relay or TTY interview. In your email please include the following information:
    • If requesting VRS, your preferred language (ASL or LSQ) and your VRS contact number.
    • If requesting IP relay or TTY, your preferred language and service contact number.
  • You can request or download a paper copy, braille paper copy, digital braille, large print, or PDF version of the questionnaire by visiting: www.quorusconsultations.com or by emailing discussions@quorusconsulting.com.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey or need it in another format, please contact the team at Quorus at discussions@quorusconsulting.com .  If you would like to contact someone at ESDC regarding this study, please email ACCESSIBLE.CANADA.DIRECTORATE-DIRECTION.CANADA.ACCESSIBLE@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca   

The Accessible Canada Directorate and Quorus would like to thank you for your involvement in helping to shape the future of accessibility in Canada. Feel free to share information about this survey with other people who might be interested in participating.


Apply Today: CIHR Seeking Members for New Standing Committee on Science

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is seeking members for its new Standing Committee on Science. The committee will have a diverse membership made up of nationally and internationally recognized health research leaders who provide strategic science advice to CIHR’s Governing Council, particularly on international best practices and emerging trends in health research and funding.

The committee will be composed of 9 to 12 members who will serve three-year terms. CIHR is looking for at least three international representatives and three national representatives preferably with experience with international health organizations. The committee will also include two Scientific Directors from CIHR’s Institutes and one member of Governing Council.

This is a chance for you to help shape CIHR’s strategic policy and ensure that Canada remains a global leader in health research.

Members from all communities are encouraged to apply, especially those from groups historically underrepresented in research, including Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities; LGBTQ2S+ communities; Francophone communities; and persons with disabilities.

Interested applicants can find more information, including how to apply, on the CIHR website.

If you have any questions, please reach out to CIHR at support-soutien@cihr-irsc.gc.ca .


Extended: Celiac Blood Test Covered Until March 31, 2023 – Ontario

The pilot announced last November by the Canadian Celiac Association has been officially extended until March 31, 2023 and allows Ontario residents to be screened for celiac disease among other tests at an approved community-based laboratory, at no cost to the patient.

Celiac disease is an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, farina, bulgur and rye. If you have celiac disease, eating gluten triggers an immune response in your small intestine. The small intestine is responsible for absorbing nutrients from food into the bloodstream for the body to use. When the lining is damaged, so is its ability to absorb these nutrients.

Among the possible complications of untreated celiac disease is the inability to develop optimal bone mass and the loss of bone, both of which increase the risk of osteoporosis. When osteoporosis results from a condition, from the treatment of another condition or from having another disease like celiac disease it’s called secondary osteoporosis.

Celiac disease can reduce the absorption of nutrients from the intestine including dietary calcium and vitamin D. The result is lower levels of calcium and vitamin D, which can increase bone loss leading to fractures.

After 10 years of advocacy work by staff and volunteers at the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA), they have shared that a new pilot program by the Ontario Ministry of Health will cover the cost of initial blood screening to help diagnose celiac disease (CD) in Ontario at any approved community-based laboratory until March 31, 2023.

If you live in Ontario and you think you or a family member have celiac disease and have not yet been formally diagnosed, you must be consuming gluten in order for the test to be accurate.

Visit the Canadian Celiac Associations website for more information.


Osteoporosis Canada and Willful

Osteoporosis Canada helps educate Canadians on the importance of bone health and improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Many supporters of Osteoporosis Canada find peace of mind knowing they have provided for a charitable organization that has enriched their lives or the lives of their family members. Legacy gifts are important sources of revenue for research and other projects and may provide you with various tax benefits.

Osteoporosis Canada is proud to partner with Willful, a simple to use and secure online tool that will walk you through, step by step in setting up your will.

As part of our partnership, you will receive $20 OFF any Willful plan with the code OSTEO20 which will be donated to Osteoporosis Canada.

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Why Do I Need A Will?

A will ensures that your wishes are known by your family and the law when you pass away. It contains important instructions on how to distribute your assets, who will be in charge of closing up your estate, who should take care of your children and/or pets, and which charities you’d like to leave gifts to. It ensures that you’re in the driver’s seat of these key decisions rather than the courts. It also cuts down on the time and cost of settling your estate, meaning that your beneficiaries will be able to receive the gifts you’ve left for them much quicker.

Without a will, the government uses a provincial formula to distribute your estate and appoint people to take on key roles like executor and guardian. Their formula may leave out important people and charities that you would have liked to support or name people for important roles that you might not have chosen yourself. Dying without a will also involves delays, expenses for your estate, and added stress for loved ones during an already difficult time.

Leave A Legacy Gift To Osteoporosis Canada

A legacy gift (or bequest) is a gift in your will left to a charity, school, or non-profit organization. It can be a piece of property, cash amount, or percentage of your estate. Legacy giving enables Osteoporosis Canada to educate, empower and support individuals and communities on bone health and in the risk-reduction and treatment of osteoporosis. Even a small gift makes a huge difference when you’re gone.

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How Do Legacy Gifts Help Organizations Like Osteoporosis Canada?

An AngusReid survey commissioned by Willful found only 12% of Canadians plan to leave a gift to charity in their will. Willful is working hard to increase that number! Since Willful’s launch, they’ve enabled over 7,000 gifts left to charities in wills with over $30 million in cash gifts alone. No matter how small the legacy gift, a little goes a long way. By leaving a gift in your will, you will be leaving a legacy that supports over 2 million Canadians affected by osteoporosis.

You can learn more about leaving a legacy with Osteoporosis Canada here.

How Do I Leave A Legacy Gift For Osteoporosis Canada?

People often expect legacy giving to be a lengthy, complicated process. With Willful, leaving a legacy gift is simple and involves just a few clicks. After the Special Gifts section where you assign property and lump sum cash gifts to beneficiaries, you will see our charitable giving section that allows you to leave a lump sum to Osteoporosis Canada or another charity of your choice!

It’s simple to leave a gift to Osteoporosis Canada.

Portrait of an Asian man standing in the park with his parents. The son is in the middle, with his arms around his parents shoulders. They are looking at the camera, smiling.

If you prefer to leave a percentage of your residual estate, you can add a charity as a beneficiary. (Your residual estate is everything left after debts and taxes are paid and specific gifts are distributed).

Use the following promo code to receive $20 off when using Willful: OSTEO20

Work with your legal advisor

If you choose to work with your legal advisor and/or financial planner to remember OC in your will – contact us to learn about the various ways to leave a planned gift.

Create your will with Willful

Willful is a simple to use and secure online tool that will walk you through, step by step in setting up your will.

If you are working with a legal advisor and/or financial planner provide the following information at your appointment:

Legal Name: Osteoporosis Canada

Charitable Registration Number: 89551 0931 RR 0001

Contact: Tracie Napoli, Director, Fund Development & MARCOM

Phone: 416-696-2663 / 1-800-463-6842 ext. 2286 Email: tnapoli@osteoporosis.ca


Lindy Fraser Award 2021

On behalf of Osteoporosis Canada’s Scientific Advisory Consultants and Osteoporosis Canada, we would like to announce this year’s Lindy Fraser Award winner as chosen by the members of the SAC.

Osteoporosis Canada established this award in 1993 to recognize individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of osteoporosis research and education in Canada. The award is named in honour of Lindy Fraser, who in 1981 at the age of 87, started the first self help group for people with osteoporosis.  She herself was an inspiration to others as she shared her struggle to get out of bed, into a wheelchair, then to walk again with a cane.  In 1982, she answered a call from a small group in Toronto to take part in the first national symposium on osteoporosis.  That appearance was the spark that gave rise to Osteoporosis Canada.

This year’s award winner, Dr. Sid Feldman has shown immeasurable dedication and determination in the collaborative effort to achieve the common vision of Canada without osteoporotic fractures. We cannot think of a more deserving individual.

Dr. Feldman is a community family physician affiliated with the North York Family Health Team. He also works as attending physician in the Toronto Central LHIN Behaviour Support Unit at Baycrest for residents with behavioural symptoms of dementia. His academic and administrative roles at Baycrest include Medical Director, Home for the Aged, Executive Medical Director Residential and Aging at Home Program and Chief, Family and Community Medicine. Dr. Feldman is an Associate Professor and inaugural Head, Division of Care of the Elderly in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto and serves as the Chair of the Members Interest Group in care of the Elderly, College of Family Physicians of Canada. 

Dr. Feldman has been an active member on many SAC committees including the executive, the guidelines and the knowledge translation committees. He also chairs the CPG Fracture Risk Assessment working group.

He has also recently received the 2021 Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) Award of Excellence as the Academic Family Physician of the Year from the university of Toronto.

Congratulations Dr. Feldman!

Dr. Sid Feldman holding the Lindy Fraser Award
Dr. Sid Feldman
2021 Lindy Fraser Award Winner


B.C. PharmaCare Patient Voice Survey For Osteoporosis Therapies

The B.C. Ministry of Health is conducting a survey of patients, caregivers, and advocacy groups to achieve input regarding osteoporosis therapies in British Columbia and B.C. PharmaCare coverage.

We know that coverage for osteoporosis medications in British Columbia is among the worst in Canada. All treatments for osteoporosis covered by PharmaCare require a “special authority” form to be filled by a physician and the criteria for special authority are very restrictive.

For example, to achieve coverage for certain therapeutic agents, a patient requires a fragility fracture and either an allergy to bisphosphonate or an obstruction to swallowing a pill.

Intolerance, other contraindication to oral bisphosphonate, and even failure on oral bisphosphonate therapy are not included in the criteria for special authority.

  • That means that if you do not tolerate your oral bisphosphonate (alendronate, risedronate weekly pills) you cannot have coverage for an effective treatment.
  • In addition, if your bone density is declining on oral bisphosphonate or you have fractures on oral bisphosphonate, treatment failure is not a reason for a successful special authority application.

The Ministry of Health is soliciting patient input.

Please consider making your voice heard as this may benefit not only your circumstance but that of many other osteoporosis patients in British Columbia.

Patients, caregivers and patient groups can share their experience and opinions with the B.C. Ministry of Health by completing a Your Voice survey.

PharmaCare regularly reviews drugs to decide if they should provide coverage for people enrolled in PharmaCare plans.

PharmaCare considers the drug’s safety, how well it works and how expensive it is, among other factors. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to fill out a survey.

If you are a B.C. resident, you can give input if you:

  • Have the medical condition that the drug would be used for
  • Are an eligible caregiver for someone with that medical condition (a caregiver in another province would have to say yes in order to be able to complete the survey), or;
  • Represent an eligible patient group for B.C. patients with that medical condition
  • This is your chance to improve access to osteoporosis medications in BC

The patient and caregiver survey will only be available on the B.C. government “Your Voice” website from October 20 to November 17, 2021.


Brigadier-General (retired) Hilary Jaeger recognized as Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Brigadier-General (retired) Hilary Jaeger Osteoporosis Canada is pleased to share that long-time volunteer Dr. Hilary Jaeger is one of three leaders recognized as Honorary Fellows of the Royal College for her transformative contributions to health care and medical education.

Dr. Jaeger has been an ardent supporter and given her time in several capacities over the past decade to Osteoporosis Canada. She joined the Board of Directors in 2011 and served on various board committees, culminating in becoming Board Chair from 2015-2017. Dr. Jaeger also chaired the Strategic planning committee leading the completion of the OC Strategic Plan for 2016-2019.

Additionally, Dr. Jaeger’s contribution to the Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) program has been nothing short of outstanding, beginning with her role as part of the FLS Working Group which was responsible for the development of OC’s FLS Toolkit and continuing her service as Chair of the FLS Audit Committee and as a member of the FLS Advisory Committee. She continues to support all things related to FLS and recently presented a webinar, entitled, Economic and Business case for FLS.

Congratulations to Dr. Jaeger.




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