Strontium ranelate (Protelos) is a drug approved for the treatment of osteoporosis in Europe, but not in Canada. It is effective in reducing fractures . Recently the European Medicines Agency has completed their review regarding the safety of this drug and recommend that strontium ranelate not be taken by patients with heart or circulatory problems. Individuals who have had a heart attack, angina, stroke or uncontrolled blood pressure should not take this medicine and should discuss their osteoporosis therapy with their physician.

The safety of strontium citrate commonly available at health food stores in Canada has not been evaluated and its effects on fracture risk reduction are not known.

Osteoporosis Canada recommends that all patients with osteoporosis or at an increased risk of fracture discuss their treatment options with their physician

Osteoporosis Canada’s rapid response team, made up of members of the Scientific Advisory Council, creates position statements as news breaks regarding osteoporosis. The position statements are used to inform both the healthcare professional and the patient. The Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) is made up of experts in Osteoporosis and bone metabolism and is a volunteer membership.