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Grilled Beef and Halloumi Skewers

Professional Home Economist Emily Richards demonstrates a great summertime meal. The featured recipe takes advantage of all the local produce available and uses thick-cut grilling steak like top sirloin or strip loin steak which goes further when cut into cubes for kabob skewers. The addition of Halloumi (a grilling cheese) is the perfect partner to the tender grilled beef and vegetables. Try serving with grilled rapini for a new way to enjoy a summertime veggie.

Each serving has 18 g protein and 175 mg calcium


Garlic Rapini Pizza Bianca

Did you know you can use Greek yogurt in everyday cooking? Oikos® Greek Yogurt has calcium and protein and is delicious to eat on its own but can also be used in recipes.

This cooking demo features the recipe for Garlic Rapini Pizza Bianca where Emily Richards, PHEc shows you how to use Oikos® Greek Yogurt in new ways and if you have never tried rapini before, this slightly bitter vegetable which also has calcium, is the perfect topping for this dish. Each serving has 500 mg calcium and 26g protein.


Celiac Disease and Bone Health

There are several well known risk factors for osteoporosis including age, sex, low body weight and low bone mineral density. But did you know that other less well known risk factors such as medications and medical conditions can increase the risk of osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis that results from a condition, from the treatment of another condition or from having another disease like celiac disease is called secondary osteoporosis.

Celiac disease can reduce the absorption of nutrients from the intestine including dietary calcium and vitamin D. The result is lower levels of calcium and vitamin D, which can increase bone loss leading to fractures.

Together with the Canadian Celiac Association, learn about osteoporosis and celiac disease, nutrition recommendations for those with celiac, how to manage both diseases and more.

Living Well

Roasted Asparagus and Pepper Crustless Quiche

Emily Richards, PHEc demonstrates how to make the featured recipe Roasted Asparagus and Pepper Crustless Quiche. This is a wonderful dish for you to celebrate Mother’s Day at home or to drop off to a loved one with 21g of protein and 350 mg calcium per serving.


Shrimp & Herb Stuffed Shells

Emily Richards, Professional Home Economist demonstrates how to make the featured recipe – Shrimp & Herb Stuffed Shells with 39 g of protein and 350 mg of calcium per serving.


Bones ‘n’ Beer

For the past 9 years, Vancouver, BC has hosted Bones ‘n’ Beer – an event where men gather at a favourite pub for a hearty rib dinner, paired with craft beer and listen to healthcare professionals speak to the group about men and their risk of osteoporosis.

Paneer and Chickpea Stew

Emily Richards, Professional Home Economist demonstrates how to make the featured recipe – Paneer and Chickpea Stew with 27 g of protein and 350 mg of calcium per serving.

Fractures, Fears and Family

For those with an osteoporosis diagnosis, it is not uncommon to feel anxious about health and lifestyle changes that might be necessary. But what about your friends and family? How does this affect them? How can they be part of your team and help you build better bones? Christine Thomas discusses the impact on family and friends and strategies for all of those around you who are affected.

Cooking Demo Webinar: One-Pot Skillet Perogy Shepherd’s Pie

Everyone is looking for new meal ideas and we are taking two classic recipes and combining them into one easy and delicious dinner. Using items from your freezer and pantry this one-pot Skillet Perogy Shepherd’s Pie is easy to make and has 175 mg calcium and 27g protein per serving.

Bone is made up of calcium, other minerals and protein, a nutrient that is necessary for building and repairing body tissues, including bones. Protein is an important nutrient for bone health and in the prevention of osteoporosis. It gives bone its strength and flexibility and is also the big component of muscles, which are, of course, crucial for mobility and in preventing falls.

This cooking webinar showcases meal ideas using beef, an excellent source of protein. Learn how to make One-Pot Skillet Perogy Shepherd’s Pie with Emily Richards, Professional Home Economist.

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