2010 Osteoporosis Clinical Practice Guidelines

Introduction and Overview - 2010 Osteoporosis Clinical Guidelines

Introduction and Overview of the 2010 Osteoporosis Clinical Guidelines

Learn more about these new tools as well as updates in Calcium and Vitamin D recommendations and treatment options in other sections of this site.

Fracture Risk Assessment

Fracture Risk Assessment

We now have two assessment tools for identifying those at risk of fracture, both validated using Canadian data – CAROC 2010 and FRAX

Clinical Approach to Osteoporosis

Clinical Approach to Osteoporosis

An introduction to clinical risk factors, ordering a BMD, and when to do biochemical testing.

Integrated Management Model

This algorithm reviews the strategies for fracture prevention and treatment.

Additional Osteoporosis Guidelines Resources

2010 Clinical Practice Guidelines

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2010 Clinical Practice Guidelines Technical Report

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Canadian Association of Radiologists and Osteoporosis Canada Risk Assessment tool



On-line calculator of WHO fracture risk assessment tool.