The 3rd Canadian Musculoskeletal Conference

Presented by Osteoporosis Canada | November 2020 | Toronto

National Conference on Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis | Toronto, ON

This premier conference is an outstanding forum for clinicians, researchers and trainees with an interest in musculoskeletal health, with a particular focus on osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Participants will hear from internationally and nationally recognized speakers. The venue is set up to promote mentorship, education and networking.

There will be a Young Investigator’s Day for trainees held prior.

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Bringing Experts Together

Osteoporosis Canada hosted the 2nd Canadian Musculoskeletal Conference on muscle and bone May 3 – 5, 2018 in Toronto. A total of 213 delegates from across Canada attended this three day event.

The program included a trainee meeting for young investigators and a two day program targeting various topics on Bone and Muscle Health.

The Young Investigator Day included an abstract poster session. The posters were created to showcase Canadian research in bone. The top rated poster, submitted by Anne-Frédérique Turcotte was entitled “Effects of biliopancreatic diversion on bone turnover markers and association with hormonal factors in patients with severe obesity.” Anne-Frédérique then presented her poster to the main conference attendees on Friday. The runner ups were Dr. Ahmed Negm from McMaster and Matteo Ponzano from the University of Waterloo. The organizers were very pleased with all the applicants.

The two day program, based on evaluations received was a great success and met the goals outlined by the speakers. The event was accredited by the University of Toronto and endorsed by the International Osteoporosis Foundation.

As a champion for better bone health, you already know that sharing new research is key to helping Canadians across the country lead full, healthy lives with osteoporosis. And bone health experts did just that at the 2nd Canadian Musculoskeletal Conference (CMC) held in Toronto.

Spearheaded by Osteoporosis Canada, this unique event brought together bone and joint researchers and clinicians from all across Canada to share discoveries and fuel discussions that will help Canadians fight this disease.

One such researcher is Dr. Wendy Ward, who wrote to you in July to share her passion for helping Canadians build stronger bones. Dr. Ward’s presentation showed that increasing protein intake as we age not only helps protect against loss of muscle mass, but may also be associated with greater bone mineral density. Findings like this are vital to helping individuals with osteoporosis manage their disease.

Dr. Andy Kin On Wong is an Assistant Scientist under the Joint Department of Medical Imaging at the University Health Network. His talk was entitled “Visualizing Musculoskeletal Anatomy & its Clinical Impact.” This presentation focused on illustrating how bones and muscles could be examined using both standard and more advanced scanners. The derived three-dimensional images can be used to make measurements.

The talk highlighted the strengths of these methods in terms of their reliability, and sensitivity to pick up smaller changes. However, it also cited challenges we face when using MRI due to its lack of standardization across hospitals, and the lack of tools available to automatically separate out muscle, fat, and bone features. This information allowed clinicians to understand how to take full advantage of images obtained from standard of care, but also to gain perspective on what new techniques can aid with patient diagnosis and disease management in the future.

Events like the CMC also help to build the next generation of osteoporosis leaders by giving junior researchers the chance to attend the conference and share their work. We were pleased to recognize three “Young Investigators” for their outstanding research with special awards at this year’s conference. Find out more about these incredible researchers on our website.

This conference is critical to helping those with osteoporosis live their best lives. Thank you for supporting Osteoporosis Canada!