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Original Air Date : June 3, 2020

There are still a lot of myths out there about osteoporosis and its’ care and treatments.  In this webinar special guest panelists discuss and dispel the most common myths in their field of expertise.


Pat McCarthy-Briggs

Pat McCarthy-Briggs

Fracture Prevention Education Volunteer, Osteoporosis Canada


Michelle Glass

Michelle Glass

B.Sc (Pharm) B.A. B.Sc.
Michelle Glass is a practicing community Pharmacist and business owner for the last 17 years who is also certified as a geriatric pharmacist. Michelle has been a valuable volunteer as an osteoporosis educator for the last 10 years and is always willing to share her expertise at educational events and with community members.
Amanda Hamel

Amanda Hamel

Amanda Hamel is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Educator with the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba. Her primary role is to provide training and nutrition programs to Manitoba teachers so they can help kids feel comfortable around food and eating.
Emily Hunter

Emily Hunter

Emily Hunter is a registered physiotherapist with a special interest in osteoporotic clients. As a founding member and long standing volunteer of Osteoporosis Canada in Winnipeg, Emily continues to educate the public and medical professionals in treatment of osteoporotic clients.
Dr. Bill Leslie

Dr. Bill Leslie

Dr. Bill Leslie is Professor of Medicine and Radiology at the University of Manitoba with over 350 peer-reviewed publications. His research interests are in fracture risk assessment, osteoporosis testing and other nuclear diagnostic techniques. Bill is chair of the “2020 Clinical Practice Guidelines in Osteoporosis” which are currently in development and is also the Director of the Manitoba Bone Density Program, and Co-Director of the Winnipeg PET Imaging Centre.


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