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Original Air Date : March 20, 2019

Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for bone health. In this presentation Stephanie Atkinson, PhD discusses:

  • Vitamin D –why do we need it?
  • Does the new Canada’s Food Guide provide good nutrition for bone health?
  • Is it necessary to have Vitamin D status measured?
  • Can I prevent bone fractures by taking extra Vitamin D?
  • How do we make sure to get enough?


Stephanie Atkinson

Stephanie Atkinson

PhD, DSc(Hons), FCAHS | Department of Pediatrics, McMaster University, McMaster Children’s Hospital
Dr. Atkinson is dedicated to the research training of clinician scientists from all health professions as evidenced by in her long standing position as McMaster Centre Leader for the Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (CCHCSP), and also as Chair of the Institute Advisory Board of the Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). She currently serves in other leadership roles as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Maternal, Infant, Child and Youth Health Research Network (MICYHRN), member of the Scientific Advisory Council for Osteoporosis Canada,


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