Juanita Gledhill

Juanita Gledhill had just celebrated her 50th birthday. During her annual physical, she asked her doctor for a bone density test. Juanita’s mom lives with osteoporosis and given her mother’s diagnosis, Juanita worked hard to reduce her risk of getting the disease. She ensured she got enough calcium and protein in her diet and stayed active.Then the doctor called with the results. Juanita had the onset of osteoporosis. She was stunned. She had done everything in her power to avoid getting the same diagnosis as her mother. However, it was also because of her experience that she knew just what to do next.

Juanita’s story began before her own diagnosis. She cared for her mom for many years helping her manage her own condition. However, even though Juanita was proactive with her daily nutrition intake, vitamin D supplementation and exercise for healthy bones, she was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Juanita has thankfully not experienced any fractures. She has learned how to be very aware of her surroundings and has made the necessary changes in her lifestyle to decrease her risk of falls. Juanita feels strongly that her diagnosis was not as advanced, because she was proactively working to keep her bones strong and healthy. Today, Juanita and her mom are each other’s “best support partner” as they live a full and healthy life with osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Canada has provided Juanita and thousands of others with information about the importance of bone health for everyone. The organization supports Canadians in the risk reduction of the disease, those already diagnosed while working to improve their quality of life in the pursuit of research and treatment breakthroughs that keep more people healthy.