Dr. Sadhana Prasad


For Dr. Sadhana Prasad, 2017 was a year of major milestones. Not only was it the country’s bicentennial, it was her 50th year of living in Canada and her 40th wedding anniversary. She was determined to find a special way to celebrate the year – and wasn’t about to let a vertebral fracture hold her back.

Dr. Prasad decided to commemorate these milestones with a physical challenge – hiking all 900 km of the Bruce Trail. And she soon realized she could make this adventure even more meaningful.

“I thought ‘If I’m going to hike, I should fundraise for something that’s close to my heart’. As a physician who works with elderly patients, and someone who has experienced her own bone health challenges, raising money for Osteoporosis Canada was an obvious choice.”

In April, Dr. Prasad began her 7-month, life-changing adventure.

“It became very stressful trying to find time to hike between work and family commitments. But when it was finally over I just felt very content. With life, with everything.”

Dr. Prasad raised more than $8,000 for Osteoporosis Canada on her hike. But more importantly, she showed others with bone health issues that anything is possible.

“I wanted to raise awareness about bone health especially with my own story. A vertebral fracture is not the end of the world. If my adventure motivates people to do something with their personal life and support a good organization at the same time, I think that’s wonderful.”