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2019 Spring Donor Newsletter


Attendees of Toronto Fashion Week saw something unusual on the catwalk this year: a line of innovative fashions incorporating bubble wrap! Acclaimed fashion designer David Dixon partnered with Osteoporosis Canada to create the Bübl collection – a play on the idea of bubble wrap as a universal symbol for protection.

Unfortunately, those living with osteoporosis don’t have the kind of protection that bubble wrap offers. For 2 million Canadians, the risk of fractures is an unrelenting anxiety.

“Everyone knows someone affected by this disease – I was excited by the creative challenge it presented and by the chance to use fashion to help those affected by it.”
— David Dixon

Presented on the opening night of Toronto Fashion Week, the Bübl collection was a unique chance to increase public consciousness around risks and issues surrounding osteoporosis, and to encourage Canadians to make bone health a priority. Visitors to the Bübl website were presented with the opportunity to take an osteoporosis Know Your Risk quiz – joining the more than 35,000 others who learned their own risk through the quiz in 2018.

The collection featured shimmering pieces in white, blue, and black, each incorporating bubble wrap or back braces. Throughout the show, these elements served as a constant reminder of the “silent thief” that weakens the bones of millions of Canadians each day.

The Know Your Risk quiz promoted alongside the Bübl collection is a simple way for people of all ages to find out their personal risk factors for developing osteoporosis. The goal is ultimately to empower quiz respondents to become aware of their bone health and if appropriate seek medical care sooner – before a break.

To see the Bübl collection visit bublfashion.ca

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I had the incredible opportunity to serve as Osteoporosis Canada’s patient ambassador for the Bübl fashion campaign. Although I didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to get involved, it came together in a truly spectacular and moving way.

I was just 40 years old and a new mother when I suffered spine fractures due to osteoporosis, so I found myself in tears as I watched models walking the runway with back braces – the same kind of brace I myself had to wear when my back broke. Those memories are hard for me to relive, yet they are such an important part of my personal journey through living with osteoporosis.

Although I have been a volunteer with Osteoporosis Canada for nearly two decades now, I can say this is the most amazing visibility I’ve seen the disease receive. To have osteoporosis brought literally centre stage in such an artistic and moving way was truly special to witness.

Bübl Fashion, presented by Osteoporosis Canada, is another important step forward in making Canadians unbreakable.

Christine Thomas,
Osteoporosis patient and advocate

Left to right: Dr. Famida Jiwa, Dr. Sandra Kim,
Dr. Heather Frame, Christine Thomas

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Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) is the most effective program to prevent repeat fractures due to osteoporosis. In an FLS, a coordinator screens fracture patients for osteoporosis and follows-up with them to make sure they receive the care they need to prevent the next fracture. This care may include a bone mineral density test and/or osteoporosis medication.

FLS coordinators form relationships with patients’ family doctors to ensure a seamless transition of care and the continued use of interventions necessary to prevent further fractures. The FLS model has been proven to be by far the most efficient and effective when it comes to making sure the first break is the last.

With so many Canadians in need of fracture-related care, Osteoporosis Canada is committed to making FLS available coast to coast. Most recently, we hosted a British Columbia FLS forum in Burnaby to explore the possibility of expanding FLS throughout the province. Although it was designed mostly for a BC audience, it was also attended by healthcare professionals from Alberta, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. We hope this Forum will help stimulate the implementation of new FLSs in BC and other provinces!

Osteoporosis Canada offers a consultation service and on-going support to healthcare professionals and healthcare administrators who want to implement an FLS. Many tools and resources are available on Osteoporosis Canada’s online FLS Hub. Your support for Osteoporosis Canada will help us to expand awareness of the need for FLS for the many Canadians who suffer a fragility fracture each year. 

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The choice to leave a gift in my Will to Osteoporosis Canada was easy. After all, I was one of the lucky ones… But I know so many of my fellow Canadians aren’t so fortunate.

I received my osteoporosis diagnosis before I ever suffered a fracture. After three decades as a medical radiation technologist, I’ve seen the devastating effects of this disease – and I’m so thankful my family doctor followed Osteoporosis Canada’s clinical practice guidelines and tested my bone density.

I want every Canadian to have the chance I did. I want more of us to receive our diagnosis early, when there’s still time to modify our lifestyles and choose the best treatment for us. I want the public to be educated about reducing their disease risk. I want everyone to be able to live life to the absolute fullest: and I know Osteoporosis Canada’s work is a vital part of making that possible.

I’m so grateful for the care I received. And I’m honoured to do my part to give back by leaving a gift to Osteoporosis Canada in my Will. This is a special chance for me to be part of changing the lives of millions of Canadians living with or at risk of developing osteoporosis… I can’t imagine a better way to leave my footprint on the world!

Nancy Macklin,
Osteoporosis patient and bequest donor

Osteoporosis Canada extends our sincerest gratitude to Nancy Macklin and other legacy donors who have made the generous decision to leave a gift to the organization in their Will. Your support ensures the sustainability of the work we are doing to bring awareness to the importance of bone health in our country. Thank you for your gift in making Canadians unbreakable for generations to come.

For information on making a gift in your Will, call 1-800-463-6842 or email donate@osteoporosis.ca

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